U2- The current architect.


An architect is someone who designs a project to improve the quality of life of human beings and has the responsible for all the consequences of his decisions. 

We as architects have to learn to dig, analyze, draw… And we selfs have to take a step forward and by ourselfs get to travel, read, take photos and watch films. As well we have to find the language and tools to interpret. We have to be CRITICAL. Understand materials, compositional rules, construction techniques and the needs of the users.

Before starting it is good to have some tips. First of all if you don’t like architecture don’t take it, think about the ways that  things work, study every detail, anylise, order from general to particular, take time to prepare yourself.

Spain has a regulation for the profession as an architect that regulates the building process, establishes obligation and responsabilities, and the basic purpouse of the building .