U1- ¿What is architecture?

Architecture is the way of representing something functional and beautiful and to classify our society. Architecture is art and technology both in one. It takes us to the point of view from an human to think about its functionality, to the point of view of the society as to improve our world not just by making it more comfortable but to make it more sustainable. It is a creation of spaces and a language on its own.

I choose a phrase from some architects that I think where very curious and true:

Marcus vitruvius pollio

“Architecture is the art of building”

Jean-Nicolas-Luis Durand

“The art of composing and realizing all public and private buildings. For a building to be appropriate, it must be solid, healthy, and comfortable.”

Charles-Édourard jeanneret-Gris

“Archtecture is the starting point for anyone who wants to take humanity towards a better future.”