PA-1 my enviroment

The place I´ve chosen is the terrace of my residence where at night we meet with our friends. This space outside in the fresh air, and in the middle, you can see the swimming pool and a little space that contains some plants. This gives the space a refreshing vibe.

I choose this space because it is where I normally go with my friends at night or when I´m tired of studying and want some peace. Also, because when u feel lonely you can always come down there and find someone to talk too.

The terrace is comfortable because there is never going to be bad feeling in the surroundings, and it does not matter what you´re doing nobody is going to criticise you.

If I had to choose a disruptive element it would be the pool that is in the middle but it has it´s reason to be there because on the other side is the library so it´s actually pretty good the location, that way the people inside the library don’t have any distraction.

I wouldn’t feel the same in another space because each space gives you another feeling, as for it this place gives me 80% peace and 20% anxiety but that’s just because I´m here only a few days once I get used to it I´ll be more confident and peacefully.

The conditions of this space influences of course the occupants as I said before you can do anything you want, and nobody is going to judge you. And the way it influences de occupants is in a positive way of course.

The first day I would have said, change this and that out of that place, but now a days I´m happy with how that place is and it also has its reason to be like that.

Reflection Atmospheres

Atmospheres by Peter Zumthor.

This text explains in the easiest way possible the most important components that are inside architecture, that people normally don´t think about. People often think about architecture as   -«thats just disinging the building isn´t it»-,  but what they dont think about is that we as architects, or future ones, have to think about everything.  Including the small beam of light that can come from that place or that other one.

So if you think about it, architecture is like a boddy.  It has it´s skin that is the materials, it has it´s skeleton that are the pillars, and it has each organ that is used for a diferent thing. We as architects have to think about what organ that space could be, and depending on what it´s task will be, it could be the heart as where the ceo´s office or it could be the stomach as a canteen in this case thinking for a business building.